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Sticker Signs


 Australian made and owned for over 30 years

At Sticker Signs we produce High quality stickers for both indoor & outdoor applications. With our latest 6 colour ink solvent printer and also Hp latex printer we are able to cater for all your branding needs. Your stickers can be printed to any size and colour from small orders to large. The stickers produced are mainly printed on white stock, but we can also print on clear.

Our online service is available, just send us an email of your design as a PDF, and we will email a quote back to you. Please feel free to view our samples that are provided on the following pages, you can also email us with further questions to, our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.


Our Mission:


At Sticker Signs we aim to produce cost effective stickers of high quality standard to creatively promote businesses. We also want to make sure to put our client first in order to cater to them and meet their needs and wants both effectivley and effeciently.  


To ensure this, we have implemented our step-by-step 'Sticker Installation Guide', so if our clients wish to save further time and money, they can.